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How often do you smile?

I was in my car casually gazing out waiting for the signal to turn green. I noticed this man at some distance on a motorcycle. He was muttering something to himself rather angrily. As I let my gaze wander, at the others waiting at the signal something struck me. There was hardly a relaxed face around; everyone seemed to be carrying an invisible load with a frown on their faces.

Is this how our lives were supposed pan out? Despite the tremendous economic progress, the numerous conveniences and materialistic pleasures, what has wiped the smile off our faces?

The hurried pace of life and its complexities have probably got the better of us. And this is exactly why we need it more than ever before.

Baby SmileYou smile when you are happy, but do you know it works the other way round too. Smile & you could be happy. That’s how simple and yet powerful it is. In fact according to one study those who smile often tend to live 7 years longer. It releases stress, helping the body relax and also strengthens the immune system. How’s that for something that’s absolutely free! No expensive gym memberships, no vitamins and no effort at all.

The important aspect is to train oneself to smile more often.

These simple steps could actually help you do that:
• Let it be the first thing you do as soon as you wake up – A wide smile to brighten up your day.
• Then close your eyes and tell yourself “ I will smile more often today.”
• Try to stop being lost in your thoughts as you commute, look at kids, flowers, trees and smile. Nod in the hallway as you run in to people & smile at them.
• Make an effort to think happy thoughts and smile.
• Create your own milestones through the day to remind yourself to smile; when it’s a coffee break, each time you pick up the phone, sit in your car or talk to a colleague.

It indeed is as simple as this: and of course life transforming. Start Now – Happy Smiling


Towards a Richer, Deeper & Happier Life

Towards happiness

Towards happiness

I have been a very irregular blogger. Despite my best intentions and innumerable commitments to self I have always floundered on writing consistently.
This time around I think I have found a solution to this problem.
I have decided to write a very small paragraph each day.
Reflecting on my own life and writing about one facet that I feel can lead to a happier life. I will try not regurgitate what I have read or heard, but come up with insights from my own experiences.
My target is to be able to write at least 4 posts a week. Lets see how it goes.
Your feedback will help immensely, encouraging me to write regularly.
So wish me luck and keep adding your insights & experiences to this effort. Here goes!

1) Away from iPhone, iPod, iPad make some iTime
When was the last time you spent some time with yourself?

Calm contemplation

Calm contemplation

No phone, no music, no books no nothing – just you. Eyes closed, relaxed – not asleep but fully alert. Even if you don’t know how to meditate just be a witness to yourself, doing nothing simply watching all those thoughts come and go. Start with may be just two minutes a day. This seemingly simplest change in life can have the most profound life-changing impact.
As you begin getting used to it, you will start looking forward to this time. May be wanting to increase it or doing it more often.
Either way you’ll start feeling calmer and being able to cope with life’s stresses and various demands better. Leading to a happier you.

You Are Programmed To Give

Life often works in mysterious ways, which at times may seem not just irrational but even contradictory. Give more to have more is one such seemingly contradictory truth. Is this possible?

All recent scientific research is now discovering this truth. The more you give the happier you become. And it isn’t even about giving material stuff. Just a good deed, a word of encouragement or even a noble thought is enough to trigger biochemical reactions in the body for positive emotions. This discovery published in a recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has been known to spiritualists for centuries.

The simplest way to increase happiness is to spend some time everyday, analyzing whether one has contributed something towards the larger good, some selfless act or not. It needn’t be something huge or epoch-making but something as small as offering a word of solace.

The beginning can be made every morning, thinking “what good can I do today” & then analysing this in the evening.

Step by step small efforts start making a difference, reinforcing this behaviour to an extent that it becomes second nature. In addition you will see that your capability to do good keeps increasing with entire existence aiding you in this process. That is the tremendous power of giving, with infinite payback.