Get out of your rust-zone

cocoonHave you ever seen a cocoon? Now imagine the caterpillar in there. How comfortably well snuggled it sleeps inside. Left to itself it probably would never want to come out. But then, what an opportunity it would miss! To become that multi-hued butterfly flittering away on fragrant flowers which generously offer it their nectar.

Isn’t the same true for us humans too? We too love to be left in our comfort zones. Our homes, routines, friends, offices, clubs and parties. I call them our rust zones. We too would never sprout butterfly emerging from cocooncolourful wings and feast on the best of the opportunities the world has to offer if we aren’t prepared to break through our cocoon – our comfort zone. And eventually rust away.
Anything that is worth achieving is always a stretch away; and that is the only way to grow. Whenever things get too cozy look around, you may be headed down a slope, as that is the only time you don’t need to peddle.
Make a habit of doing something ever so often that challenges you. Whether it’s learning a new skill, creating a new revenue stream or merely making an extra effort to images-2restrain from picking up that dessert bowl. With every extra effort what you actually do is expand your comfort zone. And then, get ready to exceed it again. That’s an achievers life. In fact that IS LIFE!


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  1. I think some times we know every thing but we don’t want to see or want attention towards it .We just preferably ignoring the facts of art of living . So this article is nice reminder…..

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