5 Simple Steps to Multiply Your Advertising’s Effectiveness

ImageThe secret to advertising that brings result is actually no secret at all. It has been known, written about and implemented for over a century now. It is because most don’t want to find out or even if they have, flout the very basic of the principles that there is so much wastage in advertising.

Here are 5 very simple things that can help your advertising get the results that you want from it. To make it easy for you to remember I call it the AGPTS formula or Audience, Goal, Promise, Trust, Simple method

  1. Audience: Whom are you talking to in your advertising? Never start writing an ad without having a clear picture of the kind of person you want should notice the ad. The best kind of communication is personal; so try and have an image of a real person in your mind, whom you are supposedly addressing in your ad.
  2. Goal: Now imagine that person does see your advertisement, what exactly would you want her to do: make a call, visit your showroom or remember your brand the next time she’s at the supermarket. You’ll be surprised how even seasoned advertisers miss this most important step many a times. This is your call to action. Tell her very specifically what to do, don’t assume she will do it.
  3. Promise: So you want her to make a call, now why should she do it? What’s in it for her? This is the one most important benefit you are promising her that your product or service offers. Be very clear on this and state it in terms of a benefit for her, not a feature that your product has.
  4. Trust: Any promise is only as good as the credibility it has. Why should she believe your product could deliver the benefit you promised in the step above. Talk about the certification, award or ingredient that makes your promise believable.
  5. Simple: Advertising has been found to be most effective when it is easy to understand. In an over-communicated world no one has the time to decipher the complexities of your advertisement. It has to be instantaneously understandable by most of your audience. Creatives tend to flounder on this step. They would want to include symbolism and artistry in their creation. But your audience hasn’t picked up the newspaper for advertising; at the best of the times it is an intrusion.

Sounds very simple, right? Pick up any newspaper or magazine and the number of ads that flout these simple tenets will surprise you.

Next time you create an ad for your business or client, just follow these 5 simple guidelines and see the response grow manifold.


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