You Are Programmed To Give

Life often works in mysterious ways, which at times may seem not just irrational but even contradictory. Give more to have more is one such seemingly contradictory truth. Is this possible?

All recent scientific research is now discovering this truth. The more you give the happier you become. And it isn’t even about giving material stuff. Just a good deed, a word of encouragement or even a noble thought is enough to trigger biochemical reactions in the body for positive emotions. This discovery published in a recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has been known to spiritualists for centuries.

The simplest way to increase happiness is to spend some time everyday, analyzing whether one has contributed something towards the larger good, some selfless act or not. It needn’t be something huge or epoch-making but something as small as offering a word of solace.

The beginning can be made every morning, thinking “what good can I do today” & then analysing this in the evening.

Step by step small efforts start making a difference, reinforcing this behaviour to an extent that it becomes second nature. In addition you will see that your capability to do good keeps increasing with entire existence aiding you in this process. That is the tremendous power of giving, with infinite payback.


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