1. Superb loved it…. Research is often used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support rather than illumination….esp this line …. The modern day ads r confusing

  2. Salute to your experience Sanjay! It is so true that we don’t buy all we see in the ads.
    Personally..if love my empty walls 🙂

  3. Can totally identify about the logo, most often the client is concerned about the logo and not the content not sure why because its the content that eventually sells. Also the biggest challenge we face is the ideation phase in itself. First they crib that you donot come up with Innovative idea.. (innovation seems have captured the fancy of all and sundry in advertising world of late) then when you do they shoot it down citing funds, not understanding the concept (why? coz they don’t use the medium or don’t know about it) Wish we learned how to be flexible instead of following the tried and tested, after all ‘experimenting’ is the key.

  4. Well written! The classic one that always gets my gall is …. Can we see some more options? Makes it look like we’re in a saree shop with a bunch of indecisive ladies saying, ‘Bhaiyyaji, kuch aur dikhao..” 🙂

  5. Well put! Love the bite of satire and much needed sarcasm. It’s a tiresome place to inhabit, advertising & marketing, but here’s to hoping our clients read it 😀

  6. Well said! History has been seen by all, now everyone want something beyond… A time has come to re-invent the way of presenting the themes & concepts. Looking Beyond, to Achieve Big!!!

  7. Very well conveyed Chief 🙂

    I feel there are many adds which I have seen in the recent past are heart touching and very close to reality…to name a few – Haan Haan Main Crazzy Hoon , Jaago Rey , Idea adds are also very impressive.

    I agree that all the adds don’t entice me to buy the products but they do register in mind for the social messages they give out !

  8. Well written. The one that resonated with me is the “Everyone’s my customer”. When we first came up with our billing software, that is how we defined our client base…only after some badgering from our marketing guy did we narrow the playing field and am so glad we did.

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