Can Of Worms

There was a time when worms were confined to cans. Every once in a while when a few of these slimy one’s managed to wriggle out, there would be a huge outrage.

Not anymore. There can never be enough cans for a nation full of worms.

There is not even outrage anymore.

This may sound cynical, but alas, these are the times we live in.

Who are these high-sounding pundits on the various panel discussions on TV shows trying to fool by feigning outrage?

When a ration card, a motorcycle license, a caste-certificate and other such mundane stuff cannot be had without greasing the right palms, can multi-million dollar CWG contracts, plush sea-facing apartments be had without the right amount of grease lubricating the system.

When the entire system has become thoroughly rotten to the core. When the politician who was supposed to lead by example has come to symbolize the most despicable & reprehensible element of the society, in fact when the very word ‘politician’ has become an expletive, who can one look to with hope?

Not that it’s just the politician who takes the entire blame. The society as a whole is in a state of thorough corrosion and degeneration. Be it the bureaucracy or the defence officialdom, be it the universities or the research centers or for that matter even the ordinary citizen. We all seem to have lost any semblance of moral fortitude.

Any society probably gets the leadership it deserves. If we elect people with criminal & dubious backgrounds, or worse still merely discuss these issues in the comfortable environs of our drawing rooms and do not vote, then where do we direct the accusing finger?

The responsibility to ensure that we are governed by the right kind of people is ours. That we have the character & endurance to bear inconveniences but refuse to bribe or budge is ours too. The buck squarely stops on our table as individuals. Lets take the responsibility for our fate in our hands and stop looking for scapegoats.



  1. I see some more problems , I don’t generally like someone telling me constantly “don’t gripe, vote! ” and when you say to them that you did vote they say “then YOU formed the Govt, Ab bhukto! ” .
    Its not just about electing the right people, its about how much power they have and what can they do with it! Its taken for granted that politicians are corrupt and we are told not to whine about it! I say hell I will!! Whining about it is also my duty. Oh! come on! Is it not? We vote to gain the right to raise the finger and our entire hand is twisted!
    The Govts in the recent times have been non-performing and weak! Almost all of them. We don’t miss out an opportunity to talk about Kasab and “hanging” him, what about the people on the chairs who have our lives in their hands, hanging!
    Our governance has become a broadcasting service that will warn us about price rise, bad weather et cetera! Our kids can be murdered and the case is close shut after dragging it like soap opera!
    Ours is the largest democracy and yet they have the nerve to tell us that “judiciary will take its own course, govt is looking into it, have faith in the PM” ! I mean is this not outrageous?
    Lets face it all of us do not want to get into politics and “change the country”, and those few who did choose to serve the country grow to be inefficient! and then we demand what? A resignation from them? and what does our Govt do? express shock?
    We must not give up Griping and whining! If that is the theme of the blog then Good Job chief! 🙂

  2. Ya sir, i completely endorse your views, I think we leave a complete banana republic, where people who have been helmed to top have a callus disregard & apathy towards common man, they lack a political will to curb the widespread malaise in the society, their credentials are completely dubious and uninspiring even to do a mundane job.There is a widespread nepotism but enough is enough…………… the onus partly lies upon our shoulder and to transform this dysfunctional society into a vibrant and flourishing one .. we must put our best foot forward and should not pay any heed to to this corrupt system and make every possible effort to cleanse it……….

    Regards Nitin Bhagat

  3. sanjay , u know which is the most followed religion in India………..alas not Hinduisiam nor Islam …….Money is the Neo Indian religion…& these politicians the Pundits

  4. Dear Sanjay,

    You have hit the nail on the head when you say the buck stops with us. After all, who are the willing contributors to the crime of corruption – we! It is we who bribe the TTE in the trains to ensure we get a berth ahead of others. It is we who try to get the driving licenses without going through the hassle of a test drive by bribing! It is many amongst us who bribe the Electricity Board’s linesman asking him to connive when the electricity meter doesn’t work! There can be 100 other such instances that can be quoted. And we crib about politicians!?

    Let us be the change we want to see in our country. There is where the buck lies and stops!

    Aman Sharma
    Twitter id : @amancool5

  5. I am still wondering about the Twitter profile of @cheifsanjay which says “Sanjay Arora, Nagpur, Dubai. Which one is his correct location? Nagpur or Dubai?

  6. you’ve hit the right chords… however, I’d like to state that the politicians are not God sent..they are one of us. Media plays a vital role and is the biggest reason for the corruption in every field. Primarily POLITICS. But again I’d say..all’s interrelated.

    1. Wrong quote. The correct one goes like “if good men are not willing to join politics than they should be wiling to be governed by scoundrels”

  7. This situation is present in every country but very transparent in our country. Wikileaks showed us a trailor, we dont knw how deep the roots go. Unless the new generation actually steps into this pond, much of a change cannot be expected.

  8. sir,
    what a devouring piece of writing! i find it equivalent to vir sanghvi’s counterpoints.
    for me, it augurs to be a prelude to a luminary like you taking the lead to change the system as it goes overboard to become intolerable 🙂

  9. Sanjay Ji,

    This is one issue and a topic as a rule I refrain from commenting,but well….
    the worms are far too many and the worst is they are in any form and any shape
    Even Citizens who set out to make a change also get influenced by power at times and are seen to use things in their own interest in many cases , am sure you will agree. I have seen many energetic persons setting out with articles and groups and all they are doing is “using the power sooner or later ”
    Just casting the vote correctly is not helping as much as one bloke is good in the can is of not much use. If things were controlled at the time of who gets the ticket to stand for elections, would it help???
    Oh there is a huge barrel of worms, We need education and we need the generation next with super ways to smash this system in totality.


  10. Well said Sanjay – But the fact remains – its only words and words are all we have to can the worms. And here are some more words:

    I have got a secret hidden behind my eyes.
    A violation tragedy! of violence hate and lies.
    Recite the testimonial, truth and nothing more.
    Accusations nominal! fall rotten to the core.

    Rotten! to the core
    To the core!

    Rot rot, rot rot, rot
    Rot rot, rot rot, rotten! rotten! rot!
    To the core!!!

  11. Nice Post. I agree with part of it. Cribbing is our birthright and we shall have it. Having said that, the fact of the matter also remains as to what are we doing about it. From a small thing like not spitting, throwing garbage, parking in a no parking zone etc. we delight in breaking them all, just because ‘ everyone is doing it’ As soon as we learn this, we will be ready for the next level.

  12. The worms you show Sanjay are earthworms, farmers friends and perhaps the best thing to happen to soil. Every can of worms need not be bad so you are doing a great disservice to earthworms by comparing them to the corrupt us in society.
    I remember a famous quote ‘ We have met the enemy and he is us ‘. I think a ‘manthan’ is happening and things are changing. Let us hope they do fast so that we leave a better place than what we inherited. Else a pox on us. :):)

  13. Well written, got a bit emotional here. Its important to write what you feel you want to write than being technically correct about things. The say the first cut is always the best cut and that is the beauty of blogs, its you, your persona, your perspective. Loved it the way in which you moved around issues and form. Perhaps you must make a list of things you want to write about helps in not loosing track and ensure you poured it all out. Great one, and look forward to many, i am terrible that way my hands dont keep up to the speed of my thoughts. GOD Bless

  14. Too many comments to be read together.

    Following @amancool5 now.

    Sir, u are always right. But somehow, we need to speak up too. And maybe change ourselves. But I wonder, can we, as a society, change now? I am cynical too..

  15. Great post.
    Politicians, Police, Press & public are responsible for this corrupt state of India.
    Unfortunately Public which has the power, fails to utilize it the rite way & therefore, other P’s makes public minor in all aspects.
    Sir. i look forward to your other posts as well..

  16. “सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना मेरा मकसद नहीं
    मेरी कोशिश है के ये सूरत बदलनी चाहिए”
    – दुष्यंत कुमार

    opening a can of worms is important.
    whining is important.
    cribbing is important.

    because it shows that you are not dead, yet; that you have something simmering within which is unhappy with the way things are going right now; that you’ve at least made a start by acknowledging your own displeasure with the current norms.

    a writer, or a thinker’s biggest job is this, to raise issues, to make people more aware, to lead the thinking… but what next? does the writer converts his thoughts into actions? should he lead by example? he may or may not choose to do so. but those who actually do what they say are rare.

    we all crib about these things mentioned above, we all want the situation to change, sabki iccha hai ke ye soorat badalni chahiye, par kya sabki koshish hai ki ye soorat badle? do we actually do something about being the change we want to see?

    as of now, i don’t think we do. and we cannot afford for any ‘leader’ to come and teach us the right way too! so, the only option left for us is start making little changes in our way of functioning, let us first lead our friends and families by example, because when it comes to worms, we are the worms, it is our can, and only we can make it what we want it to be 🙂

  17. Well written. Yes our society has been plagued by the so-called leaders,politicians n netas who are hungry only for money,power n chair….In fact corruption in almost all departments is the main barrier in India’s path of progress…But also another fact is that, sometimes common people are forced to bribe to make his / her important works done without which survival becomes difficult..So to fight the cancer called “corruption”, all of us have to come together n unite n pledge NOT TO BRIBE. Its time-taking n difficult though as India is a densely populated huge country, but not impossible..Main thing is awareness among people…N there are hardly any non – corrupted politician with clean record who will work selflessly for the country….So what can the janta do? Whom shall we vote?We are helpless….

  18. We all have brutally raped a wonderful nation and this is like we telling – A thorn pierced my finger, but the truth is, you pressed your finger against a thorn. INDIA is decaying and we spineless citizens are allowing it to get even worse. The day every citizen starts questioning the corrupt, thats when mother india wud get oxygen into her lungs, today she is stuffed with poisonous gas inside her lung.

    Good write up sir ….

  19. Nice post, Sanjay. While we blame the system/ politicos for the rot, for me, the bigger worry is the complete disconnect of the citizens from governance. We do not vote or vote on reasons other than capability, intentions or vision that the politician has. Our focus is on self rather than the society or the nation. So, abnormal for the rest of the world is normal for India and Indians.

    Change needs to start with each one of us…the system will start changing itself if we make an attempt to change ourselves

  20. Great article , liked the layout made reading very easily.
    India will never improve. We are to way down in the hole to come out again
    Only a severe Calamity or Disaster will unite this country ,but still someone will make money even in that.
    There is no Hope , so lets live with it unless there is a new Messiah in the world

  21. Sadly what you say is true to the core. I did not read the comments, but I am sure there would be some who would like to wriggle out of blame and put up some excuse.

    To break this culture, we need ‘heros’ willing to sacrifice, who could probably make a difference. We are the people who can make the difference, slowly but surely.

  22. I remember having a long discussion similar to your views in the post with one of the rare old school visionary a ear or so back…were trying to figure out what was the cause of this progressive deterioration of the society and nation as whole….and our discussion ended with the conclusion that it all boils down to the strength of our value system as individuals and the collective responsibility of the society through law and order to maintain that value system…and the fact that we now hold value system in complete disregard or as something of no consequence is the root of our social and national degeneration.

  23. I am brimming with anger and despair at the prevailing situation and every lecture of mine is laced with proposals and motivations to stand up against this overflowing can!!

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