Month: December 2010

Can Of Worms

There was a time when worms were confined to cans. Every once in a while when a few of these slimy one’s managed to wriggle out, there would be a huge outrage.

Not anymore. There can never be enough cans for a nation full of worms.

There is not even outrage anymore.

This may sound cynical, but alas, these are the times we live in.

Who are these high-sounding pundits on the various panel discussions on TV shows trying to fool by feigning outrage?

When a ration card, a motorcycle license, a caste-certificate and other such mundane stuff cannot be had without greasing the right palms, can multi-million dollar CWG contracts, plush sea-facing apartments be had without the right amount of grease lubricating the system.

When the entire system has become thoroughly rotten to the core. When the politician who was supposed to lead by example has come to symbolize the most despicable & reprehensible element of the society, in fact when the very word ‘politician’ has become an expletive, who can one look to with hope?

Not that it’s just the politician who takes the entire blame. The society as a whole is in a state of thorough corrosion and degeneration. Be it the bureaucracy or the defence officialdom, be it the universities or the research centers or for that matter even the ordinary citizen. We all seem to have lost any semblance of moral fortitude.

Any society probably gets the leadership it deserves. If we elect people with criminal & dubious backgrounds, or worse still merely discuss these issues in the comfortable environs of our drawing rooms and do not vote, then where do we direct the accusing finger?

The responsibility to ensure that we are governed by the right kind of people is ours. That we have the character & endurance to bear inconveniences but refuse to bribe or budge is ours too. The buck squarely stops on our table as individuals. Lets take the responsibility for our fate in our hands and stop looking for scapegoats.